Vanodine is no longer available for import into the United States.  This information remains on line for those who still have product left.  For information on our new replacement product click here. 


! Breeders of all types of livestock, rabbits, cavies, rodents, exotic birds, game bird, poultry, minks, chinchillas, ferrets, goats, sheep, horses, cattle, pet owners, kennel operators, pet stores and large fisheries who have healthy operations and want to keep it that way.

! Owners and breeders who are experiencing a particular problem and are resisting the temptation to destroy animals before trying all reasonable alternatives.

! Breeders who take seriously their responsibility to the animals they produce to keep them healthy and to only sell healthy livestock. They are also aware of the tremendous investment of money and time involved in raising quality animals and are not willing to risk that investment.

! Exhibitors who regularly show their animals in Competition or at Fairs where the animals may be exposed to herds that are not maintained the in same scrupulous manner that they keep their animals.

! Animal caretakers who are concerned about the overuse of antibiotic therapy and are looking for a safe alternative.

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! Breeders and owners who feel that anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is. And while skepticism is generally a good thing in deciding on the health care of your pets or livestock, it may just cost you their lives.

! People who feel that since they have never had a sick or ailing animal that they will always be exempt.


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