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In response to several inquiries about how a product could inactivate bacteria, virus and fungus and yet be safe enough to put in drinking water I put the question to the Micro-Biologist at Evans and this was her response:

"1) V18 or any other disinfectant do not STERILISE. Sterilisation is the
killing of all microorganisms (including bacterial spores) and is only
possible to carry out using physical methods such as high temperatures under
pressure (as in an autoclave) or with a very few chemicals such as ethylene
oxide gas (extremely toxic). V-18 only SANTIZISES.

2) Disinfectants such as V18 can have a broad spectrum killing action i.e.
they can kill bacteria, fungi and viruses but not necessarily ALL and usually
not bacterial spores.

3) Disinfectants are only microbicidal (i.e. able to kill microbes) at the
correct concentration, at more dilute concentrations they will not kill but
may prevent growth. The cidal concentration will depend on the particular
microrganism, e.g. Pseudomonas aeruginosa will usually need a stronger
concentraton than Staphulococcus to kill it.

4) Other factors effect the activity of disinfectants e.g. temperature - low
temperatures adveresely effect the activity, organic material (dirt)
adversely effects the activity, hard water adversely effects the activity.
Disinfectants such as V18 are formulated to overcome some of these adverse
conditions but clearly the application of use can affect the dilution needed
to kill.

5) Using V18 in drinking water is only for reducing the number of harmful
bacteria in the water, at the dilution used it would not be effective against
a number of microorganisms. The water should be free of bacteria to start
with and should be regularly replaced as the small amount of iodine present
would soon be used up if challenged with microoganisms or dirt.

I hope that this clarifies things for you.


Barbi's Note:

One of the advantages of Vanodine is that its color is an indication on whether it is still active. As long as it retains its color it is still effective. When the color is gone the solution must be recharged.

Many people misunderstand the intended use of Vanodine. It is NOT a medicine but a disinfectant.  And when used according to instructions it may preclude the need for medication or enhance the results of the medication by disinfecting the surrounding area and not overtaxing the animals'  immune system.