V-18 and FAM-30 are no longer allowed to be imported into the U.S. For information on our new IODINE SANITIZER, click here
  V-18 versus FAM-30  What's the Difference?


V-18 and FAM-30 are the same basic product except that FAM-30 has 30% more Iodine and was developed to eradicate Foot and Mouth Disease (hence the name FAM). V-18 has not been tested on Foot and Mouth Disease specifically but is believed that it would be effective as well but perhaps not as quickly.  FAM-30 has a 99.999% kill in 30 seconds.



Our disinfectant FAM 30 has been approved by the UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for disinfection against anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) at the 'General Orders' dilutions of 1:180.  

While V-18 and Fam-30 are used in the same dilutions for large animals Fam-30 is preferred by large livestock producers, especially those with hooved animals.  When FAM-30 is used for small animals the should be diluted with 1/3 more water.

V-18 has become the disinfectant of choice for small animal owners and bird breeders in particular.  Fam-30 is NOT recommended for use with birds.

We use both in our rabbitry and livestock operation although either one is sufficient.   We use FAM-30 for foot baths and equipment cleaning and V-18 for water sterilization and treatment of wounds and respiratory symptoms.