Biocide & Disinfectant

Bactericidal - VANODINE - V-18/FAM 30 - Vericidal

- Fungicidal -


A survey carried out recently showed that of 2,729 piglets examined under the age of 8 weeks old, over 65% were affected by diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Infectious diseases are not confined to young piglets, but remain a considerable hazard throughout the life of the adult pig. The increase in pig population density and the build up of resistant strains of bacteria and viruses call for up to date methods of dealing with the situation and it is here that Fam 30 proves its' worth.

For a complete program, V-18/FAM 30 should be used in Piggeries at all points. For beams, ledges, scrubbing, spraying walls, washing all loose equipment.

For reducing air borne bacteria and viruses use V-18/Fam 30 through an aerosol or sprayer. In viral pneumonia outbreaks the inhalation of V-18/FAM 30 mist is effective in relieving symptoms and helps to prevent the spread of disease.

Treat drinking water to eliminate microorganisms. V-18/FAM 30 is of particular value in drinking water in outburst of E. coli infections and for the cleaning of "scour". Adding V-18/Fam 30 to drinking water considerably reduces the incidence of tail biting.

The following are some of the more common diseases against which V-18/Fam 30 is effective:

Actinomycosis, Swine Erysipelas, Swine influenza, Viral pneumonia, E.coli, Mastitis, Ringworm, Salmonellosis, Arthritis Aspergillosis, Chronic respiratory disease, Infectious hepatitis.


Bactericidal - VANODINE V-18/FAM 30 - Vericidal

- Fungicidal -

Applications for use in Rabbitries - Aviaries - Livestock Barns (Goats, horses, swine and cattle


Biocide & Disinfectant


The success story of V-18/FAM 30 is repeated again in the cow shed and the calf house, particularly in dealing with pneumonia virus, E coli infections, mastitis, ringworm etc....

Keep houses clean by wiping walls and floors with V-18/FAM 30 and fog daily to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. Wash food and water vessels, in particular calf buckets, for these unless kept clean, often carry the organisms which produce "Scours".



Use V-18/Fam 30 at lambing time. Soak cloths used for washing and cleaning up afterbirth in a V-18/FAM 30 solution. This will help to control the spread of septic metritis, naval and joint ills. V-18/FAM 30 is also useful for the spot treatment of foot rot.



V-18/FAM 30 is useful for cleaning out wounds, cuts, scratches, saddle galls, etc. In the event of a coughing epidemic it should be fogged or sprayed in order that it is inhaled by the animal, at the same time walls, floors etc. should be washed down to reach the viruses lurking at the cracks and crevices. Wash out food and water vessels with V-18/Fam 30 solutions. Vanodine is very effective in the treatment of thrush.