Bactericidal - VANODINE  V-18 & FAM30 - Veridical

- Fungicidal -

Applications for use in Rabbitries - Aviaries - Livestock Barns (Goats, horses, swine and cattle)

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Of all the places rabbits are likely to contact disease the rabbit show is the most likely. Whatever the exhibitor can do to increase their rabbit's resistence to disease, the better.

bulletUse VANODINE Fam 30/V-18 to disinfect carrying cages.
bulletUse in drinking water to reduce transport stress and reduce the probability of picking up disease from other rabbits on the table.
bulletSpray coops between classes to disinfect.
bulletLighty spritz fur and feet after classes.
bulletJudges should keep a towel saturated with VANODINE to clean hands between animals or classes.
bulletA thorough spraying of hands with VANODINE will prevent the spread of disease after handling a rabbit with obvious signs of respiratory or enteric disease. Coops should be thoroughly sprayed before putting another rabbit in the coop where the effected rabbit was cooped.
bulletRegistrars can use VANODINE to disinfect tattoo equipment and scales.
bulletOn hot days a spray bottle of VANODINE works well for misting the rabbits to keep them cool as well as offering aerial disinfecting.

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