Bactericidal -                   VANODINE V-18 & FAM 30                 - Veridical

- Fungicidal -

Applications for use in Rabbitries - Aviaries - Livestock Barns (Goats, horses, swine and cattle)


VANODINE FAM-30 and V-18 should be regarded as a biocide rather than just a disinfectant. A biocide inactivates ALL types of organisms, viruses, bacteria and even fungi. A disinfectant does not necessarily do this for most disinfectants are "selective: in what they kill. Very few are effective against antibiotic-resistant organisms

which now worry the livestock producer, as a result of extensive use of antibiotics. Only a few of the corrosive types of disinfectant are effective against fungi spores and these levels are only efficient at dangerously strong dilution levels.

VANODINE is safe for use in drinking water to prevent the spread of water born disease and increases resistance to other diseases the rabbit may be exposed to during transport or exhibition.


Use VANODINE for cleaning feeders, water bottles and crocks, cages, tatoo equipment and nest boxes. Use VANODINE to disinfect hands after handling sick animals or spray in judging coops between classes.

Dilute Fam 30/V-18 at the rate of 4-1/2 teaspoons per gallon of water for cleaning and disinfecting.


Open wounds caused by fighting or sore hocks, weepy eyes, cysts etc. can be treated with Fam 30 or V-18 . and has powerful antiseptic properties as well as being an anesthetic. Dilute at the rate of 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.


In the rabbitry, Vanodine can be used most effectively to control such things as Pasteurellosis including "Snuffles" and most respiratory troubles. It can be used against those forms of enteritis which are pathogenic, against Parathyphoid, Salmonellosis, Tuberculosis, Strangles, Ringworm, etc.

A strict program of hygiene is imperative to reduce loss of litters, early death of kits, or financially devastating veterinary bills to save the family pet or commercial herd. This is where Vanodine will prove it's worth. All walls, cages, crocks, feeders and nest boxes should be washed as often as practicable to keep down harmful germs.

Drinking water should be sterilized to stop the spread of infection by adding teaspoon of Vanodine per gallon of water.   Well water is often the source of infection as are automatic water lines which can transmit infection from one animal to the next.  Vanodine kills the pathogens in the water making it safe for the rabbit to drink.


Fam 30 should be used in foot baths at the dilution rate of 3-4 tablespoons per gallon of water. One advantage to Vanodine over other disinfectants is that the color indicates that the solution is still active. While it still has color, it is working, but once it loses it's color then this should be taken as a guide to discard the solution and recharge the foot bath.

Foot bathes can be used to treat sore hocks or to prevent disease from being carried into or out of your rabbitry. A shallow tray or piece of carpet thoroughly saturated with Fam 30 placed at the entrance where visitors wipe their feet will help keep your rabbitry healthy.

For breeders who use wooden resting boards or for solid floored cages, V-18 or Fam 30 is excellent for disinfecting areas soiled by urine or feces.

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