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Manufactured by Evans International of England


Preparation of solution as outlined in the dilution rates below is best administered from a spray bottle. We prepare the solution by the gallon and transfer into 32 oz. Spray bottles.

For sterilization of drinking water to prevent infection via this medium: Dilute at the rate of to 3/4 teaspoons of concentrate per gallon of water.

Eye and nose irrigation: Use teaspoon per gallon of water. Vanodine has antiseptic properties which are soothing to eyes and nasal passages. It is excellent for removing dust and debris in eyes and nose. When sprayed with a spray bottle, application is quite easy.

Ear fungus: Vanodine is very effective in killing ear fungus (diluted at 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water) which is so prevalent in dogs who spend time in the water. Using the spray bottle with a fine aperture makes administration very fast and easy. It is not necessary to fill the ear canal but only a fine mist will kill fungus on contact.

Foot Bathes can be prepared with a dilution rate of 4-1/2 teaspoons per gallon of water. Foot bathes will prevent disease from being carried into your kennel on boots and shoes. It is also a good idea to walk the dogs through the foot bath on entering and exiting kennel areas or on sites where they have been exposed to decaying matter or rivers and streams.

Bathing: Vanodine can be added to bath water and is advised particularly after swimming in rivers and streams. A fine mist of Vanodine can be sprayed over the body after coming out of the water in the field until a complete bath is possible.

Cuts and abrasions: Vanodine V-18 diluted at the rate of teaspoon per gallon of water will kill bacteria, virus and fungus in cuts and abrasions and offers some anesthetic relief.

GENERAL DISINFECTING: Vanodine V-18 offers exceptional disinfecting of kennels, carriers, feed and water dishes. It is not necessary to rinse after use so it is faster and more effective than other disinfectants that must be thoroughly rinsed before returning the animals to the area. Spraying mats and bedding with a list mist helps reduce odor caused by pathogens.

Solution remains effective as long as the color is present. When color disappears you must recharge the solution.

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