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Product of England by Evans Vanodine

BIRDS: Breeders of all species of small birds are beset with many problems of pathogenic origin, many caused by Iodine deficiency. The best way to overcome this problem is to carry out strict hygiene and to overcome the mineral deficiencies.

The bird breeder or Pet Store is constantly in danger of their birds being lost to Salmonella infection. Whole flocks can be wiped out in hours from this acute type of food poisoning . Infected seed is usually the source of Salmonella and cannot be detected with the naked eye. The most cost efficient method of killing this organism is to soak the seed in a solution of 2 ounce of Vanodine V-18 to one gallon of water for two minutes. It has been proven that birds will readily eat seed which has been soaked in this manner and is, in fact, more digestible which is a great advantage for young birds. The V-18 not only guards against infection but helps increase Iodine levels which build up resistance to disease.

V-18 is a powerful cleaner which can be used in a solution of 4-1/2 teaspoons per gallon of water for washing all water and feeding vessels, walls, cages and fittings to eliminate harmful pathogens.


Iodine salts are essential to animals, birds and even fish and when they are removed from their natural environment to a domestic one they frequently lose their ability to obtain essential Iodine in the right form and quantity which tends to reduce life span, growth and production.

For proper function of the glandular system, particularly the thyroid gland, an adequate supply of Iodine salts is required. In birds, a deficiency usually results in the condition which in man is called Goiter. All goitrous animals become sluggish, obese and lose the power to produce normal offspring. Birds that are suffering from a lack of Iodine produce clear eggs and chicks die in the shell. The chicks that do survive are apt to be under sized and of poor quality and longevity.

The challenge has been how to best administer Iodine to these birds since Iodine itself is poisonous and it does not freely mix with water. With Vanodine V-18 the Iodine has been rendered non-toxic and broken down to make it miscible with water. Adding V-18 to drinking water is therefore the easiest way to administer Iodine which is vital to a bird=s health.

Birds kept in colonies are prone to a variety of respiratory diseases and are very easily spread through the drinking water. Adding V-18 at the rate of 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water will prevent cross infection through this medium


Aerial disinfection has proven to be most useful in alleviating the symptoms of various forms of respiratory diseases such as Aspergillus, Bronchitis, Diptheria, Gage, Pneumonia and more by keeping down the airborne pathogens. The inhalation has remarkable remedial effects on the birds.

Spray the air daily using 1 teaspoon of V-18 to a gallon of water. Using a fine mist producing spray, a pint of solution is sufficient to spray up to 20,000 cubic feet.

A 16oz bottle will make 144 gallons of solution at this dosage which makes it very economical.


Budgerigar breeders experience large numbers of ADead in Shell@. In one case 85% of the chicks died in the shell as a result of Iodine deficiency. Elevation of Iodine levels with the use of V-18 solves that problem.

Laboratory tests have shown that eggshell surfaces carry large numbers of bacteria some of these in the Salmonella and Staphlycoccal groups are disease producing. One of the problems experienced by small bird breeders is caused by Staph and in commercial egg production is referred to as AMushy Chick Syndrome@. In order to destroy these organisms the eggs should be sprayed regularly with a V-18 solution as well as the nest pans or boxes.

Contagious diseases in caged birds are often carried from cage to cage on the hands of the attendant. It is therefore essential when handling birds, to wash the hands in a V-18 solution, particularly if disease is known to be present.

If one will carry out the foregoing program you can ensure almost complete control of disease known to be caused by pathogenic organisms. Remember that Vanodine V-18 is cheap insurance against disease and wherever it is used another door is being shut against trouble.

The following list is not comprehensive but indicates some of the organisms against which V-18 has been tested. In every case the kill was extremely fast, many times faster than either carbolic or quaternary compounds.

Salmonella     Typhi Murium     Pseudomonas    Pasturella    Strep Pyogenes    Candida albicans

Shigella         E.Coli             Microsporum gypseum        Corynebacterium pyogenes   

Bacteriodes necrophorus    Staph Aureus                     Aspergillus                Cornynebacterium

Strep agalactae Epidermophyon flossosum         Tubercula bacillus

Brucellas abortas Tricholphyton rubrum

FAM 30 strength of Vanodine is NOT recommended for use with birds .

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