My first experience with Vanodine V-18.

When I first bought this product I had a Mini Rex with classic Pasturella. I could clear him up with Antibiotics but as soon as he was stressed by a show or breeding or heat he would be all snotty again. I put Vanodine in the drinking water. Sprayed down his cage feeder and bottle, sprayed it up his nose & crossed my fingers. The next morning his nose was dry. When I got home from work he had blown mucous all over the cage and it was literally hanging from the cage wire. GROSS image, sorry. I cleaned everything up again, sprayed more up his nose & waited. In 2 days he was clean and dry and NEVER had a recurrence! It really is unbelievable! The key is to use it on a regular basis to keep the immune system in peak condition. Cleaning water bottles and feeders and automatic watering systems is worth it's weight in gold.

Another case at the same time was a Netherland dwarf with chronic weepy eye.  I thought if this stuff could cure this eye it was worth the price of the whole bottle.   I sprayed the eye as directed, put it in the drinking water for a week and an abscess the size of a ping pong ball erupted on the cheek under the weepy eye.  We opened and drained the abscess and cleaned it daily with V-18 and the eye cleared and never recurred.  I was hooked.  Now I would not be without Vanodine in my barn.