Terminology: or "What the heck is she talking about?!"


Some of the terms on this site may be confusing so here is a quick lesson:

Sport:  Refers to a color that is something other than a recognized show color.  Most often it refers to an animal that has blue eyed white colors in the background which produces white on an otherwise solid colored rabbit such as a white snip on the nose or foot or even a white color similar to a Dutch marking. 

It can also refer to a non-conforming fur type.  Such as a Holland Lop that has long hair or a Lionhead with no mane or Beveren with Rex fur.

Non recognized colors for a specific breed can also be referred to as a sport such as an American Sable in a pointed white or sable point color or a Beveren in Chocolate color. These anomalies are the result of ancestral breed crossing which pops up most often in rare breeds.  While not recognized for show some of these non-showable colors can be beneficial in breeding for a correct color.

Vienna Marked or simply VM:  Another term for sport but it applies to the blue eyed white gene ONLY.

Vienna Carrier or VC:  Means that the animal may not display the Vienna marking (white spots or blue eyes) but carries the gene to produce a blue eyed white.

Broken:  No, the rabbit isn't broken but the color is broken by white.  So a black and white or brown and white etc. 

Harlequin:  This can refer to the Harlequin breed or to another breed with the color pattern similar to a Harlequin.