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One of the hazards of being a rabbit breeder is that you become eternally responsible for all the rabbits in the world, not just the ones you brought into it!

When I began raising rabbits to sell 30 years ago I decided that the responsible thing to do would be to tell the new rabbit owners that if they were ever in a position where they could no longer care for the animal and didn't feel comfortable placing it with someone else, that I would always try to make room for it here until a suitable home could be found.

What I didn't count on was that reputation would spread and EVERYONE with a rabbit they didn't want would appear on my doorstep! The local Pound even started calling when they picked up rabbits rather than putting them to sleep!

With gift giving in mind we must remind parents, aunts, uncle, grandparents etc. that a bunny is a lifetime commitment, not just a gift for a short time to be discarded in a month or two.  Thankfully, most of our customers have researched the requirements of bunny ownership and are well prepared for the commitment of time and money.  We discourage relatives from purchasing a bunny as a gift since the responsibility will not lie with them but with someone from the household where the bunny will live.  If you want to purchase a bunny for a grandchild, niece or nephew, please include the parents in the selection process so they know what their responsibilities will be.

All rescues must be quarantined for 2 weeks so that limits the space available to house our rescues but after 2 weeks they can be incorporated to our regular facility with other rabbits and they stay here until placed.

Sick animals are quarantined in a separate area from boarders, rescues and our regular herd for the safety of all of them.

Rabbits purchased here or those with a vet's referral always take priority for re-homing.

People who are simply tired of taking care of their rabbits are encouraged to find homes through notices and newspaper ads and we will refer potential owners to them.  If space is available we will take the rabbit WITH the cage it was raised in and the cage will be placed with the rabbit providing it is of adequate size and condition that will be safe for the rabbit.

We have learned that we can't save every homeless rabbit but we do the best we can with space and resources available.

For rescues available please see the For Sale Page

Dr. Fox's Animal Clinic in Stockton offers reasonably priced neuters and does an excellent job.

We would like to direct you to Second Chance (Auburn) in Northern California, and Bunny Bunch in Southern California