Manteca, CA


Everyone has their own method of pricing and we are no exception.

Our prices range from free for rescued rabbits but they are free to specific homes.  We only place them in homes that have owned rabbits before and we feel are appropriate placements for these animals.  Some of the rescues have special needs, special attitudes and many more are simply big babies that require lots of attention.  Where we place these free animals it is strictly up to me based on interview with prospective owner.

The balance of our pricing is based on what it costs to raise an animal.  We do not discriminate between "pet quality" and show quality.  It costs the same to raise a homely bunny as it does to raise a show stopper (purchase price of breeding stock not withstanding).   When I began in rabbits other breeders would raise the price if they thought you were a breeder and I felt it very unfair so I refuse to manipulate my prices.  It is what it is.  Take it or leave it. I will not apologize for my prices nor subject them to debate.  I also feel that unless there is some investment in price, a pet becomes an expendable commodity.

I may be priced higher than some and less than others but I feel what I offer is fair to all.  Our pricing includes the following:

Typical prices for babies begin at $65.

Rare breeds are $65.  We do offer $10 discounts to FFA, 4H and ARBA members who will be breeding and helping to save these endangered rabbits.

Larger breeds like French and English Lops  are $100 because of pre-production expenses.  These animals are not bred until 18 months but they still take up cage space, feed, water, need love and attention for a longer period before they begin to produce.

PLACING A HOLD:  If you select a bunny that is not yet old enough to be weaned, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold it.  Online payment may be made via Paypal or you may call (209)823-5863 to pay with credit card or you may send deposit to PO Box 449, Lathrop, CA 95330.  In the event that a baby dies before it is picked up, we reserve the right replace it with another animal or issue a refund for that rabbit.

If you are looking for a specific breed or color we are happy to take your number and call when we have one available.  At that point you will need to send a deposit if you want the rabbit held.

We feel we offer the best prices on our supplies.   We make every effort to put the best products and best prices out there for the benefit of the rabbits and their owners.

Our shipping charges for supplies are based on the actual shipping weight of the product.  It makes calculating the freight charge more difficult but it saves our customers money in the long run.

So that's it folks!  Hope to see you soon!