nutritional supplement for rabbits and cavies

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What is Magic Rejuventor?

It is our version of "Critical Care" with additional ingredients to stimulate appetite and soothe the gut.

We started developing this when we had a bloodline of Flemish Giants that suffered from chronic gut shutdown.  We tried all sorts of remedies from the vets, other breeders and anything we found on line and ended up with this combination that has proven to be very successful for us.

MAGIC aids rabbits suffering from GI Stasis, kindling or transport stress.

You can sprinkle the powder over feed or add water, apple juice or Vanodine, Iodine Sanitizer to make a paste and feed the paste balls.  If the rabbit still refuses the paste you can dilute further to syringe feed.  If they fight syringe feeding you can put the rabbits front feet in the slurry and they will lick it off their feet

It is nutrient rich and can be fed every few hours for days or even weeks if necessary.  Most animals respond in 24 to 48 hours and are back at the dinner table in short order.

Ingredients include alfalfa meal, whole grains, soy powder, vitamins, minerals and for nutrition and to stimulate calcium levels, lactose for appetite stimulation, flax seed and coconut oil to get the gut moving, fruit flavored (for aroma) pectin (to soothe the gut) and willow for pain relief and Mallow for gut restoration.

It can be fed to rabbits of all ages with equal success.

$5.00 per package plus .44 sales tax in California


Testimonials:  This was the first letter we received after Convention.  We are most interested to hear your experiences as well, both good and bad.  If you have used Critical Care and Magic I would be interested in your comparisons of the two.

Hi Barbi,

I had a baby min rex fall behind its litter mates while I was at convention in San Diego. I had picked up some of you cranberry magic there and decided to mix it with tea and give it to the baby from an eye dropper. The baby Loved it! I was concerned that it wouldn’t be able to keep up with the “dribbles”, but not to worry. Mom and his litter mates took care of that. They started making a beeline for him every time I put him back in the cage. I have kept supplementing him with the magic and he has finally started to eat on his own. I hope to “wean” him over the next week or so. I am positive that the only reason this little guy is still alive is due to the magic. I also brought home a blue fuzzy lop from convention who was refusing to eat anything but a little bit of hay and some of your conditioning mix. I finally decided to sprinkle some magic on top of her pellets and that did the trick. She is now eating normally and I am no longer concerned about her starving to death. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a rabbit who needs a little extra help to get back to healthy eating!


Susan  Tomasich