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Hybrids like 3B's Pride shown here have ranked us 4th in the Nation in Sweepstakes points.the first year we showed.

  ppride.jpg (53363 bytes)pride1.jpg (61376 bytes)  pridelit.jpg (10337 bytes)

bp1doe.jpg (11718 bytes) Black otter jr. doe Best of Breed at Watsonville

     Click here to see our herd as it develops.

We are no longer raising these beautiful little guys.  We decided to use the space to raise the rare breeds like Lilac and American Sables.


.bp1doe.jpg (11718 bytes)       Won Best of Breed at Watsonville 7-13-03 

I am well pleased with the small size and gentle nature of these cuddly little guys and look forward to many more along the way.  This is the only breed I have ever raised where siblings never fight!  I have had 3 bucks living together as long as six months without a scuffle!  They do, however groom each other constantly which leaves the mane look like it was trimmed with pinking shears!

While they tend to be slightly timid they soon develop their own personalities and rule their world as a real King of the Jungle!

The challenge of this breed as with any developing breed is to maintain consistency in type, fur, mane and temperament.  At this point it is difficult to guarantee that any Lionhead, hybrid or purebred, will hold it's mane as a senior.  It is still one of the big challenges of the breed.

Breeding Lionheads is not for those short on patience and perserverence.  It requires lots of cage space and a willingness to keep offspring long enough to know how they will develop and who to keep for the breeding program.   They must be weaned and separated earlier than other breeds because they often overgroom each other's mane or chew it off completely.  But for those who are willing to stick it out for the long haul, I think you will be rewarded.

The history and origin of the Lionheads is a topic of much conversation and I will include a number of links for you to explore at your leisure.   They originated from a cross of a miniature Swiss Fox (where Jersey Woolies found their start) and a Belgian Dwarf.   I have also heard that the Petite Britannia was bred into the lines as well which provides the upright stance.  Some of the photos I have seen certainly show the Petite Britania look while others appear to look more like English Angoras.  So lots of work will be required to develop a true standard look to the breed.

There are several certificate holders and the Standard may vary slightly. 

Currently the tortoise color is the only color to pass presentation.

Click here to visit the North American Lionhead Rabbit Club

Click here to visit British Lionhead Rabbit Site.

Click here to learn some general information about the Lionheads

History of the Lionhead by Bob Whitman 

Hellenic Stud (UK) (UK)

Rare Varieties Rabbit Club

Arden Wetzel is the First Certificate Holder

Arden Wetzel (Mem. NALRC)
P.O. Box 264
Stewart, MN 55385
(320) 562-2470

Gail Gibbons is the Second Certificate Holder

Gail Gibbons 20023 E. Bethel Blvd. Cedar, MN 55011

Bob Whitman - Third Certificate Holder:

Bob Whitman
2355 Rusk St.
Beaumont, TX 77702
(409) 835-0644

Piney Woods Rabbitry


                    MEET OUR HERD (or should I say Pride?)Well, not the entire herd but you get the idea.

More photos and details to follow soon.

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This is 3B's Pride. Junior Himilayan doe f1 Hybrid to Netherland Dwarf.  She now holds 7 Best of Breed wins in Exhibition.

Mvc-908e.jpg (8143 bytes)  Purebred Single Mane junior buck Alkinar's Mortar - Best Opposite of Group Jersey Wooley Nationals

 ccs1.jpg (8959 bytes) Snow Fortune's CCS Purebred Single mane junior buck. Best Opposite of Breed Jersey Wooley Nationals

DJ's Susie72303.jpg (6960 bytes) DJ's Susie - Double mane purebred.  Has held her mane as senior. Now available for sale. Proven good Mom.

cutecat.jpg (7995 bytes)  Sable Chinchilla Single mane f1 hybrid. "Cute Cat"

daisy.jpg (60668 bytes)Super( double dominant) mane (MM) senior doe Snow Fortune's Daisy - Still fully wooled over one year of age.  Now availabel for sale.  Proven good Mom.

 brkette.jpg (6855 bytes)  Hybrid f1 junior Doe 3B's Brick  Best of Breed Santa Rosa Exhibition brick.jpg (9403 bytes)

 ido.jpg (63098 bytes)   Sable Hybrid f1 junior doe Snow Fortune's I Do

dandelion.jpg (8829 bytes)   Tort hybrid 3b's "Dandelion"  - Cimmaron line

tiernan.jpg (9761 bytes)  Sable hybrid double mane 3B's Tiernon

sosable.jpg (8870 bytes)  Sable hybrid single mane 3B's So Sable

EveryoneFavoriteWP2.jpg (20278 bytes) Sable Chin doe 3B's Everyone's Favorite"

Design72103.jpg (9318 bytes) Black senior doe hybrid - Alkinar's Design - has lovely mane as senior

desun.jpg (10032 bytes)  Tort otter purebred single mane doe - Snow Fortune's Desert Sun

kir.jpg (9197 bytes)  Tort purebred single mane buck - Snow Fortune's Kir

sonic.jpg (9630 bytes)  Black single mane purebred buck 3B's Sonic

dixon.jpg (11613 bytes) Black single mane purebred buck - DJ's Dixon

pretend.jpg (52228 bytes) Frosty hybrid single mane doe - Alkinar's Pretender -

Pretender's not much to look at but look what she produces! pretend.jpg (6288 bytes)

 leo2.jpg (7476 bytes) Snow Fortune's Leo - Orange single mane hybrid

fierlight.jpg (5457 bytes) 3B's Firelight - Orange single mane hybrid with poor mane that produces wonderful maned kits.

noma.jpg (36179 bytes) Snow Fortune's Noma - tort purebred single mane.  Never had much of a mane but throws lovely manes.