Our kittens are hybrids of the Siamese, Manx and Scottish Folds.  While they have the characteristics of the individual breeds, they have the stamina good health of the hybrids.

And let's face it, farm cats are tough!






Princess Piggy

Tuxedo Fold and terrific Mother.  She will take in any kitten she can find and call it her own

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Milkshake Momba

bi-color blue Fold


Bi-color tort

Cali will litter this summer

  Scottish Folds are very smart, docile and playful cats. These are long lived and healthy pets. Our first Scottish Fold is now 12 years old and still full of fun.

We took one of our kittens to a rabbit show and he sat on top of the cages and loved having people come by and pet him.  Most thought he was stuffed because he was so still.  Only his purr gave him away.

 The folds are the only cats I ever had that sit like people.  Perhaps that's what they think they are!

 The folded ears give a quirky quizzical look to these cats.   I think it just gives them character.

SCOTTIE was our first Scottish Fold.  She is now 12 years old and still loving life.

Bella Mia - Burmese Fold  



Big Head


Scottish Fold

Mr Spock

gold tabby Scottish Fold

Mo Toes

Blue point Siamese Manx polydactyl Scottish Fold



Tuxedo Manx

She has a personality of her own and produces very affectionate and attentive kittens

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Boots is a blue tuxedo and the daughter of Lightning and Blue berry, both rumpies and she exhibits the full long tail

Boots will litter this summer.

  Manx are great hunters and very attentive pets.  Our breeding stock was raised on my shoulder helping me do chores!

First discovered on the Isle of Mann in the British Isles these cats were first thought by locals to be a cross between a cat and a rabbit because of the unique hopping gait.

Contrary to uninformed opinions that tails have been cut off, the Manx cats are born with no tails.  It is the result of a mutation that has been bred for many generations.  It is actually an incomplete tail that may result in no tail at all to a full normal tail.  Manx notable for their very long back legs and shorter front leg and tails that vary in length from no tail at all ("rumpies") to a stub of a tail ("stumpies"), 3/4 tails and full length tails.  The "rumpies" (no tail at all) can have bowel problems if fed a diet too rich in fats.  The "stumpies" and 3/4 tails never have those issues.

Some breeders claim that the gene is fatal if rumpies are bred together and prefer to breed long tail Manx to rumpies. I think it does strengthen the gene pool but I do not believe it is a fatal gene.

Silver Boots, silver tabby Manx was one of our early breeders.  She lived to the ripe old age of 21 and ruled the roost!  





Manx sire

Midget loves to sit on my computer key board and chase the curser.


Manx Sire



Curly is a Snowshoe Siamese Manx

  Snowshoe Siamese are notable for their beautiful white socks (snowshoes) , startling blue eyes and lovable nature.  They can be very vocal and will respond to every question put to them.

Sunshine lynx Snowshoe baby sits for new bunny.

Slippers - seal point Siamese One of our early breeding queens.


Bi-color Seal Point

Pinky baby sits for Curly and Mo Toes

Mo Toes

Blue Point Siamese Manx Polydactyl Scottish Fold



Scottie was our fist Fold


 long tail straight ears other than Siamese $25

          Manx other than Siamese  $50

 Siamese Manx $100

       Scottish Fold straight ears $50

      Siamese long tails $100

       Siamese Manx, polydactyl or Fold $150

        Fold Manx any color $100

Polydactyl Long tail Siamese $150

           Polydactyl Fold Manx $200




bi-color long hair Fold


Princess Piggy - long tail double fold


Lightning (Manx) 


Milkshake Momba - bi-color double fold  
  Belle Mia - Blue tuxedo double Fold