Barbi Brown's Bunnies Web Site

Barbi Brown's Bunnies began when my husband brought home the first bunnies in 1984.  My son Kai has been my "partner in crime" all along through these many years.  My husband Tom has provided the financial support and engineering know how to make it all possible.  We are located in San Joaquin County of the central valley of Northern California.  We have been providing pets, and show bunnies to loving homes ever since.

We are now pleased to have Juan Salas as our barn manager who handles the day to day rabbit care, sales and conducts Showmanship clinics for 4H members.  Physical limitations  have forced me to the administrative end of things handling the website, paperwork, inventory control, showroom displays and e-mail responses.  I am still involved on a daily basis with breeding and planning for the care of the rabbits.

I am not a vet and the areas of this site where I share my treatment regimen for our rabbits is offered as insight to 25 years experience and is not a substitute for proper veterinary care.  Unfortunately, rabbit savvy vets are scarce so breeders have had to rely on each other for guidance.

A life (animal or human) is a precious gift and over the years I have been asked by my customers for recommendations of books to read so they can better take care of their new bunny.

Good books on the care of a pet rabbit are not in great supply  (see Recommended Reading) but the Internet has now created a wealth of information available at a moments notice.

This website was prepared (in lieu of a hard copy book) as a response to those requests and also for those of you who aren't sure if a bunny is the appropriate pet for your household.

There are as many different ways to raise rabbits as there are ways to raise children. This site is intended as a handy quick reference guide and by no means intended as a complete treatise on all phases of rabbit raising.

We want you and your bunny to be happy and are anxious to assist in any way we can.

Your opinion of the site and suggestions for its improvement are gratefully appreciated.


Barbi Brown