Barbi Brown's Bunnies

We do not offer a classic shopping cart, mainly because that most shopping carts calculate freight in a way that would be excessive for most of our products and we are more interested in saving our customers money than the ease of using a shopping cart. And I like the personal contact of e-mail or phone call so we can discuss your needs on a personal level.  So gather your wish list and call (209)823-5863, e-mail or send an order the old fashioned way to P.O. Box 449, Lathrop, CA 95330.

The catalog offers a nearly complete listing of our products.  The pricing on medication can vary daily and we update pricing as time permits.  So it is best to confirm pricing before ordering.



You may call (209) 823-5863 Thursday through Monday to place an order with a credit card or to ask questions. For your financial safety please do not include your credit card information in your e-mail. No one else looks at MY e-mail but I don't know what hacker is lurking out there that might compromise your information.

You may pay for your order via Paypal using address

You may pay be personal check or money order by mailing to P.O. Box 449, Lathrop, CA 95330 (Please note, returned checks are subject to a service charge of 3 times the face value of the check.)

International orders require an International Money Order or cashier's check for payment.


You may e-mail to request a freight quote on your order.  Unlike other dealers we do not charge freight based on some abstract formula based on the price of the product but prefer to charge the EXACT amount of freight.  If you pay with a credit card we can bill the amount of the product and then bill the freight separately when we have the exact amount. 

If you prefer, we can quote an estimated freight charge if you provide your zip code with your e-mail request.

Any other questions, please drop us a note or call.