Breed of Rabbit Dwarf Hotot French Angora 3 Dwarf Hotots Mini Rex Flemish Giant Holland Lop Netherland Dwarf
Age of Rabbit 18 months 4 years A) 4 months, B)1-1/2 yrs,        C) 8 months approx. 3 years 2 years 1.5 years don't remember when it started
How long have you owned it? 10 months 1 year A}4 weeks       B}over 1 year  c} since birth


1 year 1 year since birth 3 months to 8-1/2 years
More than 1 rabbit with Stasis at the time? A friend with similar bloodline had similar cases with hers. no no no no no no
Did rabbit recover? Yes but had frequent relapses Yes 2 does recovered but buck did not yes yes yes yes
Did it experience more than one episode of Stasis? Yes, every 5 to 6 months no doe 2 bouts each no frequently no yes
Was the rabbit shedding prior to shut down? Sometimes yes no no sometimes no sometimes
How often do you groom your rabbit? Once a week unless molting, then daily Once a week after haircut several times a week only when shedding only when shedding daily monthly or more during molt
What type of brush do you use? cat grooming glove small slicker brush slicker brush cat brush wire slicker cat brush & comb small cat brush
Did the rabbit have bouts of diarrhea or chronic loose stools? Yes, soft mushy stools no no no no no yes


Was it treated by a vet? Not at first no yes yes yes no yes
Was it given  Cisapride or other gut motility drug? Yes no yes no yes no yes
Was it given pain meds? No no yes yes no no no
Was it given sub cutaneous fluids? Yes no no yes sometimes no yes
Was it given tummy rubs? yes yes yes yes yes yes
Was it given mineral oil? Only in enemas no no no finally that was what seemed to work no no
Did you force feed Critical Care or similar? Acid Pak, Nutri-Cal Pedialyte yes yes yes spinach puree yes
Was it given Simethicone? Yes No yes yes yes no
Was it given Bene-Bac or similar? Sometimes No Cat-Lax no no yes no
Anything else prescribed? No 1"ripe banana,1/4tsp meat tenderizer, 1/2tsp oatmeal fed daily for 3 days then hay 2 days and 2 more days of banana mixture. 2 antibiotics no no pellets, just hay to eat CHamomile tea, Vitamin B shot, pedialyte
Crock or bottle for water? Bottle at first, then crocks both bottle bottle automatic watering system bottle crock
Crock or j-feeder for food? J-feeder both crock crocks j -feeder clip on ffed bowl crock
Do you use a hay feeder? No no no no yes no no
House Rabbit ? garage yes yes sometimes garage yes
House Rabbit - free range no no yes sometimes weekly yes
Do you have carpeting in the house? no yes small piece on linoleum floor no yes but he didn't chew on it yes
Outdoor in yard
Outdoor in cage yes with old doe yes
Does the rabbit have cloth of any kind in it's cage? no no stuffed animals no no yes
Did rabbit chew it? yes
Did you rabbit use a litter box? yes only the buck yes no no yes
Is so, what type of litter used peat moss w/hay on top Woody Pet Care Fresh Care Fresh
Is your litter pan plastic?
Does the rabbit chew on litter pan?
Is you cage plastic bottomed? no no yes no yes
If so, what type of bedding? plastic floor grate and hay Carefresh n/a towel
What else is in the cage? chew sticks, pop bottles, ping pong balls, plastic Easter eggs (glued shut rabbit toys food bowl, toys chew toys, stuffed animals, paper towel tubes toys, chew stick, resting board hanging toy cardboard hutch
Doe your rabbit have toys in his cage? yes yes yes yes yes yes
What kind of toys? wooden puzzle, apple wood sticks, small cardboard box for hay, hangin parrot toy red bull can, baby keys, cat toys with ball inside chew toys, stuffed animals, paper towel tubes soda can, canning jar ring, metal cat ball rope with wooden beads cat toys stuffed animals


Did rabbit get out for exercise? Yes. He did better when allow to run often. bunny run in yard in playpen in the house run of the apartment yes sometimes yes
How often daily 10 hours weekly daily 2 x week 2 hours week all day inside, several hours outside
Does you rabbit have a shelf or box to jump on? no no no but jumps on the bed yes no yes
Pelleted feed? Yes Yes Yes Yes yes Yes Yes
Brand Heinhold Show Formula unknown - packaged by feed store Petrus Best in Show 780 Oxbow Bunny Basics Mountain View
Type of pellet, alfalfa based, Timothy, mix etc. Alfalfa based 20% fiber Alfalfa based Timothy alfalfa Alfalfa alfalfa
Protein content 16% 15% protein

21% fiber

14% protein / 29% fiber 17% 16%
Amount of pellets fed 2 tblspoons mixed with oatmeal daily. varies - 1/4 to 1/3 c perhaps 1/3 cup daily 1/4 cup daily 1 cup 1/4 cup daily
Hay fed? Free choice yes yes yes yes yes yes
Type of Hay Prairie Grass, Oxbow Tiimothy grass & Timothy coastal hay Timothy Timothy, Orchard grass, oat hay Orcahrd grass
How often was is fed hay? daily daily daily free choice daily 2 x week
Where was hay purchased, farm. feed store, on line, pet store etc. feed store, pet store (Oxbow) feed store - no brand name feed store pet store (Kaytee) farm feed store
Do you feed green vegetables? No yes yes yes no no no
If so, what type? Parsley, dark green leaf lettuce kale Romaine lettuce, spring mix, dandelion greens, arugula, kale, collard greens, parsely, cilantro, beet greens, swiss chard, spinach
Do you feed fruits? yes once a month yes >1 tsp per day yes no no
If so, what types? apples, papaya apple blueberries, banana, papaya, apple, raisin 1 prune per week
Do you feed carrots or other non-green vegetables? Carrots twice a week carrots carrots during GI stasis only baby carrot per day no
Do you feed pet store treats like Yogurt drops, honey sticks, grain bars etc.? no no no no no
If so, what types?
Do you feed oatmeal? Yes sometimes yes no sometimes yes yes
Do you feed whole grains? black oil sunflower seeds Shredded wheat mixed with Doc's Rabbit Enhancer no yes no
ANy other type of snack treat? small piece of Kale every morning no lots
Does your rabbit have a chew stick? Yes. Apple wood and willow apple wood pine wood no yes no
Does your rabbit eat hay cubes?


Do you feed dried fruit? yes no
If so, what type? papaya, pineapple raisins
Do you feed papaya or  pineapple tablets   or dried cubes? He wouldn't eat them. Drank some pineapple juice. Papaya tablets Papaya tablets no no Bromelaine poweder in his food.
Any other infor you think is important? Stasis was transient cleared up in 18 hours- Vet was unable to determine a cause, no blockage of the gut or underlying infection This bloodline had a history of gut shut down.   It was never related to a wool block but the gut just shut down. This line also had a history of early death. The day he bloated was after licking apple bitters from my daughters fingers.  Within an hour he was extremely bloated