Barbi Brown's Bunnies

Offering a variety of healthy feed options for your bunnies.


We stock Wagner's 17% protein and 20% protein rabbit pellet that is based on the Oregon State University formula developed after a 20 year study of rabbit nutrition.

We also have our own Gourmet blend of rabbit food which is the OSU 20% pellet base with our whole grain conditioner added which improves gut motility, flesh condition and fur quality.  With the addition of the whole grains the protein content is dropped to 18.95% and crude fiber is 19.16% fat 2.8%

Our Premium show blend is the same formula as Gourmet but the grain are IN the pellet so they can't dig out their favorites.  By getting the full benefit of all the ingredients we find we can feed 1/3 to 1/2 as much of the Premium feed which makes for great cost savings.

Our exclusive Barbi Brown's Whole Grain Conditioner  a carefully managed blend of 20% OSU protein rabbit pellets with Flax, wheat, crimped oats, barley, safflower, sunflower, Animax, and oyster shell designed for maximum muscle development and milk production may be purchased in various sizes. Just add just a teaspoon or several tablespoons as a top dressing for your basic feed of choice.   This blend keeps lactating does in top condition while increasing milk production. The amino acids in the whole grains converts protein to muscle. The oils produce great sheen and texture to the fur.  Whole grains offer coarse fiber to reduce GI stasis and the carbohydrates are more slowly absorbed without causing overgrowth of sugars in the gut which can lead to diarrhea in pellets with processed grains.  Our conditioner may be fed all year long.

We are also very proud of our large variety of TOP QUALITY HAYS.