EAGLE VALLEY Advanced Bedding Management


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We have carried this superior pelleted litter for a couple of years and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

While we intended to offer it to rabbit breeders to reduce ammonia in their barns and for pet owners with house rabbits we soon found our customers were using it for lots of different applications. 

Advantages over other products seem endless but these are just a few:

Cost effective  just $6.14 plus tax for 35 pounds. Just a thin layer of pellets for small animals and a few inches thick for large livestock. It really absorbs ammonia odor.

A very little product goes a long way.

Rabbits will use it in litter pans and not eat it. Urine is easily removed because it swells up when wet. Removelitrbox.jpg (9608 bytes) the wet litter and the dry pellets keep on working. I wouldn't have a rabbit in the house without it!

Used rabbit litter makes great mulch for flower beds.

Cat breeders are really hooked on it because it has no unpleasant flowery odor and is the most absorbent material on the market not to mention, much less expensive.

Perfect for rodents, guinea pigs, reptiles, poultry and other small animals.

Excellent bedding for trailers for more comfortable transport.

We use it to absorb rain water and to make walkways less slippery.  The pellets turn to dust when wet and can actually be dried and reused!  It helps keep weeds down in our walkways in the outdoor rabbitry area.

Use in carrying cages is a must for odor control.  Nothing worse than a long trip with pets in the car without good odor control.

Environmentally friendly. No trees are cut down to make this product.  It is made from sawmill waste.

We have it in stock here in Manteca at all times.  If you are out of our area call toll free 1-888-307-7878 for a dealer near you.