This website is dedicated to all my customers who have given my bunnies loving homes and who encouraged me to tackle the task.

Dedicated also to my husband, who, in spite of his allergy to rabbits, and who brought home the first bunch of bunnies, has tolerated exorbitant feed, vet and utility bills and my perpetual distraction with the rabbits.  Thanks also for building the hay baler that makes it possible for us to offer quality hays in small easy to handle bales.

Special thanks to my family who have never complained that I have never sat through an entire dinner without rabbit interruptions.

Thanks to my son Kai who cleans and waters daily without complaint in my absence and who always make room for just one more bunny.

Special thanks to a dear friend, Kathy Fassio, who has spent countless hours cleaning, feeding, doctoring and generally spoiling me and my bunnies. You're an angel.  To Sharon Camilleri my chief weekend helper and bunnysitter. Without their help I would be lost.  And to Susan Tomasich who graciously cares for all my old folks at her fabulous sanctuary.  It's a lovely place to retire and live out their years.

Thanks also to my foster Moms who take litters home to spoil.  They are the secret of my gentle bunnies.  Don't tell the competition!

My sincere appreciation to dear friends like Marie Rayher and Mike Randall for their unfailing support and encouragement when I was close to giving up or discouraged with the short comings of my stock.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to the many other breeders who have generously shared with me their techniques and experience. I even owe   thanks  to those who were too competitive and protective of their knowledge for they were role models I made certain not to emulate.

And of course, MY LOVE AND APPRECIATION to all my beautiful bunnies!


Barbi Brown